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Our Premium Hosting Plans

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SSD Rapid Hosting
Fastest SSD Based Optimized Rapid Hosting with cPanel.
33% OFF (Was $4.50)


SSD Offshore Hosting
Fastest SSD Based Optimized Premium Offshore cPanel Hosting.
33% OFF (Was $11.95)


SSD VPS Servers
Linux or Windows Based Best & Cheap Virtual Private Servers
33% OFF (Was $15)


Linux or Windows Based Best & Cheap USA Virtual Private Servers
33% OFF (Was $18)


Dedicated Servers
Low-cost and Powerful Dedicated Servers in 6 Global Locations.
33% OFF (Was $55)


Windows Servers
Windows OS Ready Powerful Dedicated Servers at Low-cost
33% OFF (Was $75)


Our Premium Windows RDP Plans

Admin RDP
Fastest SSD Based Optimized Premium Windows Admin RDP
33% OFF (Was $28)


Premium RDP
Large Storage Based Optimized Premium Windows RDP
33% OFF (Was $28)


Encoding RDP
Large Storage Based Optimized Premium Encoding RDP
33% OFF (Was $40)


Features You’ll Love In Our Comprehensive Plans

Value for Money

Getting the most bang for your buck, balancing cost with features and performance. It involves assessing hosting packages for affordability, resource allocation, uptime, support, and scalability. A good value hosting service offers reliability, adequate resources, and responsive customer support at a reasonable price. Evaluating options and choosing wisely ensures your website’s success without breaking the bank.

Quick Setup

We configuring and deploying server systems, ensuring rapid and efficient deployment. This approach minimizes downtime, optimizes resource utilization, and enhances system performance. It encompasses tasks like hardware provisioning, software installation, network configuration, and security implementation. Quick Server Setup is essential for businesses seeking swift, reliable, and scalable server solutions.

1 Gbps Network

We provide high-speed, gigabit-per-second network connection. It provides exceptional data transfer rates, enabling rapid content delivery and minimal latency. Websites hosted on a 1 Gbps network experience swift page loading and smooth user experiences. This robust network infrastructure is ideal for data-intensive applications, streaming, e-commerce, and high-traffic websites.

99.9% Uptime

Uptime is a crucial metric in web hosting, signifying the reliability and availability of a hosting service. It denotes that the website will be operational and accessible to users for approximately 99.9% of the time in a given period. This minimal downtime ensures consistent online presence, minimal disruptions, and customer satisfaction. Hosting providers offering 99.9% uptime commitments prioritize stable, dependable services to keep websites accessible and responsive around the clock.

FREE DDOS Protection

DDOS protection is a valuable security feature that shields websites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks at no additional cost. This defense system safeguards against malicious traffic surges that can overwhelm servers, causing downtime. With free DDoS protection, hosting providers employ mitigation measures to maintain website availability, ensuring uninterrupted online presence. It’s an essential offering that bolsters security, boosts trust, and maintains the performance of websites.

24×7 Customer Support

24×7 Support is an indispensable component of web hosting, providing round-the-clock assistance to clients. This service ensures immediate help and guidance for technical issues, inquiries, or emergencies at any time, day or night. Hosting providers offering 24×7 customer support deliver timely resolutions, enhancing user satisfaction and website reliability. This continuous accessibility fosters trust and peace of mind, making it a vital feature for web hosting customers.

FREE 1-Click Scripts Install

Install WordPress plugins, Help Desk, forums and many other apps with a single click.

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1 Gbps



Status Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Why Should I Choose Web Hosting Services from HostWild?

HostWild has assisted millions of customers in launching their business or develop ideas online. Our superior quality of service coupled together with the ability we have to offer costs low and allows small-scale businesses particularly to concentrate on expanding their business, rather than dealing with the numerous problems which can arise when choosing a poor service provider for web hosting. We are extremely proud of our products and services that we provide and believe in your determination for your company to grow online.

What's Included in My Affordable Web Hosting Plan?

Simply put all you require to succeed online is contained in your package. It includes fast, reliable, and cost-effective web hosting services, which include infinite features, including bandwidth, disk space, server hardware, and the million number of traffic which our server can handle easily. Technical support 24/7/365 is provided, as is the entire suite of website creation and administration tools.

You Also Provide a Refund?

The first thing our affordable hosting will never disappoint you if you choose the right plan before ordering according to your requirement. And also offers 30 days money-back guarantee on our all Hosting products which let users to use our services whole month without any risk.

How Does HostWild Provide Affordable Web Hosting Services?

Our infrastructure is designed to efficiently use resources on several servers to serve multiple customers at the same time. This setup lets us provide the highest level of service, resources, and availability for an affordable cost compared to the general industry.

Do HostWild Web Hosting Services Work for a Business Website?

Yes, our low-cost web hosting services are great for anyone who is starting a blog, business, or enterprise websites. Also, we provide Dedicated Servers to scale up your business with more comfortable environment and resources. Clients who host on a dedicated server are self-sufficient because they are in complete control of all server resources. Since this server's private nature, the users can choose their OS and control panels.

I Already Have a Hosting, But I Want to Switch to HostWild. Any Tips?

If you’re switching from another hosting provider to HostWild's Shared, VPS, or Dedicated servers, the process is pretty simple. Order one of the listed plans and you’ll just have to transfer your files, change the our server IP into your existing domain provider or CloudFlare DNS if you are using it and cancel your old plan. For more support kindly contact our support by creating a ticket from the client area.