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Hostwild SSD VPS Features

VPS Panel

Our proprietary VPS management portal will allow you to manage all aspects of your VPS. This makes managing your virtual private server easy.

99.9% Service Uptime

We are proud of the service we provide with our enterprise-level hardware, monitoring systems, and data center. Your VPS includes 99.9% uptime.

Enterprise SSD's

HostWild only uses Enterprise-Grade Data Center Intel Solid State Drives. It increases the performance by x10 over HDDs with Hardware RAID-10

Multiple OS

What do you prefer – CentOS, Windows or Ubuntu? You can choose one of our pre-made OS Templates and it will all be set up immediately for you with SSD VPS hosting.

FREE Migration Service

If you want to transfer your data from your current hosting provider to HostWild, our migration team will work with you to safely and accurately migrate your data.

Friendly 24/7 Support

HostWild Hosting has specialists available 24/7 to ensure your satisfaction. You can contact us via live chat, email or support tickets at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out frequently asked questions about our USA SSD VPS Plans

What is a Virtual Private Servers (VPS)?

The virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine offered as a service through the Internet hosting provider. A VPS is running its own copy of the operating system and customers can have superuser-level access to the operating system instance, meaning that they can install nearly every program that runs the OS. They serve a variety of purposes and are comparable to a dedicated physical server as they are software-defined, and because of this is able to be quickly created and configured. They are priced lower than a comparable physical server however since they share the technology with different VPSs, their performance might be lower and depend on a load of other instances running on that same node.

What is the difference between Storage VPS and High-Performance VPS?

If you choose a Storage VPS, you will receive the virtual server equipped with a standard hard disk (HDD) as well as an SSD boost. This means you get lots of storage space for your data . And simultaneously, the SSD boost makes sure the VPS Operating System runs faster. When compared to an ordinary VPS that do not have SSD the servers we offer you faster accessibility to data.In the High Performance VPS Series, we utilize the latest SSDs (SSDs) that are more efficient than conventional hard disks (HDDs). In turn, speed of the VPS is increased dramatically since the Operating System and all your data are stored on SSDs only , and is processed with much faster read-write speed.

Is it complicated to run a virtual server?

If you're not a tech and don't have the technical expertise, you can take advantage of our managed service that you can purchase anytime and for a small monthly cost we'll take care of the technical aspects and perform updates, security patches, and so on. for you. If you've got some technical capabilities and know how to utilize SSH and run a few basics configuration functions, you shouldn't have any problems. The majority of our clients utilize an VPS control panel like cPanel that comes with cPanel The WHM-based interface. WHM/cPanel is the most widely used, top-of-the-line control panel to manage Linux servers.

What Is The Differences Between Shared & VPS Hosting?

Shared Hosting is probably the first step to take when you launch your new website since it's the most cost-effective hosting choice. Through Shared Hosting you're hosted on the server which shares physical resources, including memory/CPU, CPU and disk space together with others. VPS Hosting provides the ideal option for those who require more capability as well as flexibility than shared hosting and are still searching for an inexpensive hosting option. In contrast to Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting does not share RAM, disk space as well as CPU. It's almost like looking at VPS as VPS like a "mini" Dedicated Server.

Which Operating Systems are available for my VPS?

At the option is yours: Pick from a range of well-known Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and many more) along with Windows Server. Because we don't believe in providing pre-configured bundles however we allow you to configure your server according to your specific requirements The Windows licensing fee will be added to the monthly cost of your VPS in the event that you select the Windows Operating System. The amount you pay is based in relation to the capacity of the VPS.

Should I Choose Managed Or Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

The managed VPS allows you to relax and take a more relaxed approach. The VPS can be used for whatever functions you need. It is your choice to use it and we handle the technical aspects. This is a great option if you're not skilled in technology or don't have a team of people to manage regularly. Managed VPS lets you to focus on expanding your company without having to oversee the heart server. If you have a VPS that is not managed hosting you're responsible to take care of everything. If you're tech-savvy or have a substantial IT department and you're looking for an unmanaged plan is an alternative for you.